Here are some pictures from the launch of our new permanent facility in Limbe, Cameroon. The Foundation is leasing a beautiful and spacious office space to provide qualitative counseling services, including group, individual and family sessions, located at Mafany Quarters, Cold Source area, South West Region, Cameroon. 

Be The Exception Counseling Foundation supports authentic orphanages that genuinely care about the orphaned children in Cameroon, Central Africa, specifically the South West Region. These orphanages strive to protect the loving kindness and semblance of normalcy to orphaned children giving them a skill set and life-skills to navigate the daily challenges they face along the way as they grow.  

Contributions and donations have been made in the past and Be The Exception Counseling Foundation will continuously donate to orphanages via cash, food products, clothing, books, toys, hygiene, and sanitary products.

 A few of the orphanages who have benefited from the Foundation are as follows:

  • Great Faith Orphanage and Empowerment Center, Boana village, Limbe.
  • God First Orphanage, Mile 4, Limbe, Cameroon.
  • Rhema Grace Orphanage, Ombe, Cameroon.

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