Our Founder

Therese M. Fuh MS, LCDC, EFT, AcuDetox Practitioner

My name is Therese M. Fuh. I am a Clinical Therapist/ Counselor living in Austin, TX. Originally, I am from Cameroon, a country found in West Central Africa. I attained a BSc. in Sociology and Anthropology in 2005 from the University of Buea, Cameroon, while completing my internship at the General Hospital in Douala, Cameroon, volunteering in the Department for People Suffering With HIV/AIDS.

In 2007, I relocated to the United States to pursue a Masters Program in Health Services Management at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York which resulted in me staying in the U.S.A. I attained a MS In Heath Services Management, in 2009. Currently, I have a Second Masters pending in Clinical Mental Health and a Ph.D. pending in Counseling and Psychology Studies with a specialty in Addictions and Behavioral Psychology.

I reside in Round Rock, TX, where I work as a therapist/counselor in the field of substance use disorders, behavioral health, and mental health. While I love what I do and I am grateful for every opportunity in my current environment, part of me felt unfulfilled, a strong desire to help my beloved native country Cameroon in my field of expertise led me to develop a deep yearning of how I could be of assistance. Research and a volunteer trip in 2016, providing free counseling services and workshops for youths suffering from substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health issues, exposed me to the increased prevalence of substance misuse in children between the ages of 10 and 28 using illicit drugs; mostly because of the illegal importation of drugs into the country, such as heroin, cocaine, lsd, tramadol, tramol, MDMA, and shisha (hookah). Deadly alcohol mixes are being locally produced and sold as well as imported liquor that has increasingly caused a compulsive and continuous use despite negative consequences within the Cameroonian communities.  Young children, as young as 8 and above smoke cigarettes and cause fits if not given to them or due to social acceptance.

I also provided family sessions to underprivileged families, especially parents of these children who misuse illicit substances, and do not have a clue on how to manage the ravaging disease. 30 children benefitted from this program, and 20 families were impacted. Certificates of completion was also given to the participants to further encourage and empower them. Realizing that, most of these families could not afford services relating to substance misuse, mental health, or anger management, I decided to launch this Foundation in 2021.

Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Tabi Tabe Joseph

Dr Tabi Tabe Joseph is a renowned medical practitioner of Cameroonian nationality involved in the treatment of mental health and substance abused patients. He has more than 2decades of experience in the medical field. He attended the University of Calabar Nigeria as well as the most prestigious university of Stellenbosch, Cape Town, South Africa.

He possesses some wonderful medical skills in both Emergency Medicine as well as Mental Health and substance abused management. Dr TABI as he is fondly called hails from Manyu Division in the South West region of Cameroon. He is the Chief Medical Director of Be The Exception Counseling Foundation – Limbe in the South West Region in Cameroon.

It is worth noting that the Emergency Guru has worked in several renowned hospitals in Cameroon like Polyclinic Bonanjo(CLINIC MUNA ) as the emergency chief for several years.

  • Polyclinic Helenamed Bonapriso
  • The Apostolic Hospital Youpwe Douala
  • Help Medical Foundation

Presently at BTECF he is directly making his clients happy. His dream now is to make Be The Exception Counseling Foundation the leading mental /substance abuse health care center in the Anglophone region why not Cameroon as a whole, He is open to all and quite gentle with hopes of making BTEECF a home for all mental health care/substance abuse issues.