The Foundation is proud to announce these new partnership with organizations that share our efforts to promote well-being and support to communities in need.

Welisane Foundation: Providing donations to help create and distribute reusable sanitary pads with antimicrobial properties to young displaced Cameroonian girls, facing difficulties with managing menstrual cycles with limited resources. They are able to manage their periods in safety, in dignity and in privacy.

The Iya Foundation- Kidney Resource Center. An NGO/501 (c)3 registered in New Jersey and Limbe Cameroon: Promote Kidney and Organ Donation Awareness, and Raise Funds to Assist In Need Kidney Failure Patients.

Just4Cancer is a free online peer-to-peer fundraising platform that allows everyone to raise and give money to support families affected by cancer and cancer charities in USA and in Cameroon.

Recent Partner Events

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